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Effective Tips for Back Pain: Overcoming the Impact of Prolonged Sitting

Desk work can cause back pain
Extensive sitting for work may cause back pain

With the rise of technology and sedentary work, people spend more time seated than ever. Unfortunately, this has negative consequences for our backs and overall health. In this blog post, we'll discuss the impact sitting has on your back and some effective tips for overcoming back pain, such as stretching, standing desks, and Gonstead chiropractic care.

Sitting for prolonged periods is linked to various health issues, with back pain and poor posture being the most commonly experienced symptoms. According to studies, sitting increases pressure on the disks in your spine by up to three times their normal pressure, which can lead to herniated and bulging disks. Additionally, sitting can lead to tight hip flexors, often resulting in lower back and hip pain. To keep your back healthy, moving more throughout the day is crucial.

Stretching is one of the most effortless ways to relieve back pain associated with sitting. Stretching helps to maintain flexibility, reduce stiffness, and increase blood flow to your muscles, including your back muscles. Incorporating stretching into your daily routine can help maintain spinal health and prevent future back issues.

Another solution to reduce the impact of sitting on your back is to use a standing desk.  Studies show that standing desks can significantly improve lower back pain after four weeks. Alternating between standing and sitting can help increase blood flow to your muscles, reduce pressure on your spinal disks, and engage your core muscles to keep your back straight.

Gonstead Chiropractic
Dr. Shelley Anderson treating patient

Lastly, gonstead chiropractic is another highly recommended and effective solution for back pain related to prolonged sitting. The Gonstead chiropractic approach focuses on correcting subluxations in the spine through hands-on adjustments. A chiropractor using the Gonstead method will take a detailed medical history, evaluate your spine for subluxations, and use X-rays to determine the severity of your back issue. They will then use precise chiropractic adjustments to correct the subluxations. Many people report significant back pain and posture improvement after receiving Gonstead chiropractic treatment.

In summary, sitting for prolonged periods takes a toll on our backs. Incorporating more movement into our daily routines and finding solutions such as stretching, standing desks, and Gonstead chiropractic to improve our back health is essential. By caring for our backs, we can enjoy a happier, healthier, and more productive lifestyle.

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